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फेरीवाले व ना फेरीवाले झोन विभागीय कार्यालय क्र १ ते ४ यादी
| सार्वजनिक आरोग्य आणि दवाखाना विभाग » सार्वजनिक आरोग्य व स्वच्छता विभागा मार्फत पुरविल्या जाणा-या सेवा |
A) Services provided :
1) Cleaning of roads,

2) Cleaning of gutters, channels etc.

3) Lifting of refuse,

4) Lifting of dead animals,

5) Public latrine & urinals, drainage cleaning ,

6) Cleaning of underground drainage,

7) To control stray animals,

8) Supplying cages to catch rats,bandicote rats,

9) Supplying means to kill vats,bandicote rats,

10) Spraying insecticides,

11) To leave guppy fishes,

12) Burn dead bodies free of cost,

13) Make mobile latrine available ,

14) Facility to register compalint at Complaint department,Chief Health Superintendent's office, in person from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. or by telephone on 2540290

15) Mobile facility for the contact to Health Superintendent & Officer.

A) Value added Services :
1) Lift refuse from private houses,

2) Spraying insecticides in private houses,

3) Cleaning of private drainage chamber,

4) Cleaning of septic tanks in private houses,

5) To control stray animals outside Corporation limits,

6) Make mobile latrine available.
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