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फेरीवाले व ना फेरीवाले झोन विभागीय कार्यालय क्र १ ते ४ यादी
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2) Daily Activities :
1) Cleaning of main drainage line,

2) Redressing grievances,

3) Lifting wastage from private places after receipt of fees.
3) Equipments :
1) Sewer cleaning machine,

2) Vaccuume astir - 1

1) Bapat Camp: for sheep, goat etc.

2) Sadar Bajar: for bigger animals.

Sheep sent to slaughter house by shopkeepers is firstly examined by medical officer & if it is edible its slaughtered under his supervision & with the approval of Corporation it is then sent to shops in the city. Also bigger animals are slaughtered under his supervision. This department undertakes the task of patroling in the city & taking action against unauthorised slaughtering. As stray aninmals cause nuisance to citizens, they are controlled by veterinary officer

E) Food Adulteration : Under Food Adulteration Act, to examine & to collect samples of basic edibles like pulses, food items, cold drinks ect. from market, to control sale & stock of things harmful to public health, to take action against guilty traders & to issue lisence for sales and stock of food items, as per Food Adulteration Act.

Door to door supply of cages to control rats, bandicoots & cakes to kill rats, bandicoots are provided.
1) Panchaganga Smshanbhoomi,

2) Kasba Bavda Smshanbhoomi,

3) Kadamvadi Smshanbhoomi,

4) Bapat Camp Smshanbhoomi.

There are four Smshanbhoomis in the city. This department keeps record of deaths & supply essentials free of cost to burn dead bodies. One dead body approximately needs 120 kg wood i.e. approx. 425 number of wood sticks.

As per order of Maharashtra Govt. use, sale & stock of plastic bags bellow 20 micron is prohibited in the city. To achieve control over it, Investigative teams are appointed to patrol & penalize guilty traders in the market. Stock of such plastic bags is seized. All octroi points of the city observed so that plastic bags below 20 micron cannot be brought in the city.

1) Following works are done through sweepers & cleaners are, cleaning of roads, cleaning of gutters, cleaning of channels, cleaning of drainages, cleaning of public urinals & latrines, lifting refuse, lifting faeces, spraying medicines, spraying powder, controling stray animals, rats, bandicotes rats, etc. It's done from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. in the morning & 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. in the afternoon. All these activities are controlled by Health Superintendent & Chief Health Superintendent & control above all is of Health Officer.

Income for Corporation Treasury is generated through following works :by lifting faeces from household latrines, by repairing drainage chock up, by spraying insecticides to kill bugs, by lifting wastage from hotels, by penalizing against following : throwing wastage in public places, dirting public places, using, selling, & stocking plastic bags below thickness if they are of 20 microns width per less.
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