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पंचगंगा घाट

Santuary of Temple
A large ghat is constructed on Panchaganga river on north west side of Kolhapur city. There are many small & large sized temples surrounding ghat & in actual river also. As the final rites of royal family members were performed at this place, temples are devoted in their name Sambhaji, Third Shivaji, Aabasaheb, Babasaheb etc. Out of this the largest & beautiful temple is of Shri. Chhatrapati Third Shivaji. This temple was constructed in 1885 AD.

Panchaganga ghat is constructed entirely in stone & is very large in size. This ghat is an attractive spot of natural beauty. On the north side there is Shivaji bridge with arches. This ghat & nearly Bramhpuri hill are parts of first ancient human habitat.
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