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फेरीवाले व ना फेरीवाले झोन विभागीय कार्यालय क्र १ ते ४ यादी
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A) Cleaning and Sanitation:
Cleaning is done in two shifts ie morning and night shifts in 11 sanitary wards of public health and sanitation department.

This includes mainly :

1) Road cleaning,

2) Gutters, canal, drains, sinks cleaning,

3) Lifting of solid waste and its disposal,

4) Disposal of dead animals,

5) cleaning of public latrines and urinals,

6) Cleaning of underground drains,

7) Cleaning drainage,

8) Pumping of sludge from private and public latrines,

9) Cleaning markets,

10) Control of rats and dormouse or bandicotes. The solid waste management is the the main work.

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