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फेरीवाले व ना फेरीवाले झोन विभागीय कार्यालय क्र १ ते ४ यादी
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Under Wards & departments are Cleaning of entire city, remedies on prevention of mosquitoes, cleaning of markets, Cleaning of underground drainage & lifting wastage, slaughter & control of sheep, taking action as per Food adulteration act, control stray animals, smashanbhumi, control over sale & stock of plastic bags of thickness bellow 20 micron, supervise the cleaning activities, also to do official activities regarding those matters.

Duties allocated under this office are to control & supervise sweepers, cleaners, employees, asst. health superintendent, health superintendent, divisional health superintendent & to keep correspondence, proposals, to arrange meetings, to attend standing committee, carry letters, to issue certificates to hotels, restaurants, cold-drink houses, boardings, theatres, cinema halls etc. & to issue certificates to be fit for human's residence with regards to public health & social development.
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