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Kolhapur Municipal Corporation Transport Activity
According to provisions under Maharashtra Provincial Corporation Act 1949 Section 20 , KMC Transport Department was established on 1 st April 1962. The bus service was started under this department to provide economical, timely and reliable travel facility to citizens of Kolhapur. The transport department provides city bus service in Kolhapur city, nearby suburban area and rural area within 15 km from city limits.
There are 133 buses with transport department as on October 2006 and 127 buses are on the road for daily service. These buses traveling of different routes are controlled by 5 transport control centers in the city. The central transport control centre is at Chh. Shivaji square. There are pass issuing centres at Maharana Pratap Chowk, Gangavesh and Shri Shahu Maidan and open on all week days from 8.00 morning to 8.00 at night.

The main office of transport department is at Shri. Shahu cloth market, North wing, First Floor, 'C' ward, Somwar peth, Kolhapur- 416002. The telephone numbers are (0231) 2644566 to 2644571 and Fax number is (0231) 2644608. Maintenance and repairs of the KMC transport buses are done in Main Workshop at Shastrinagar.
Transport department of KMC provides bus services on following routes
Route No. Route Name
1. Gandhinagar, Valivade, Koyana Colony, Chinchwad
2. Rajopadhyenagar, Krantisinha Nana Patil nagar, Jivaba Nana Jadhav park, Aptenagar, Sane Guruji Vasahat
3. SAhiroli, Nagaon
4. Kalamba, Katyayani
5. Rukadi, Mangaon
6. Jatharwadi, Bhuye, Bhuyewadi, Vadanage
7. Sugar Mill, Kasba Bavada
8. Bhavani Mandap
9. R. K. Nagar
10. Kadamwadi
11. Shivaji University
12. Mudshingi, Uchgaon
13. Kagal
14. Hanamantwadi, Shinganapur
15. Peth Vadgaon
16. Fulewadi, Bondrenagar
14. Hanamantwadi, Shinganapur
15. Peth Vadgaon
16. Fulewadi, Bondrenagar
17. Vakare, Kuditre town
18. Lakshateerth vasahat
19. Market Yard, sant Gora Kumbhar Vasahat
20. Pachgaon
21. Morewadi, Kandalgaon
22. Lonar vasahat
23. Koge, Bahireshwar
24. Kaneri Math, Kogil
25. Khupire, Shindewadi, Yavaluj
26. Varanage Padali
27. Vashi
28. Mouje Vadagaon
The KMC Transport Bus Fare Rates as approved by Regional Transport Authority
Travel Distance (in Km) Full Fare Half Fare
2 4.00 2.00
4 5.00 3.00
6 5.00 3.00
8 6.00 3.00
10 7.00 3.50
12 8.00 4.00
14 9.00 4.50
16 10.00 5.00
18 11.00 5.50
20 11.00 5.50
22 12.00 6.00
24 13.00 6.50
26 14.00 7.00
28 15.00 7.50
30 15.00 7.50
32 16.00 8.00
Concessions being given by KMC transport department for various travel categories in the travel fare rates
S.No. Travel category Concession Rate
1. Students of Highschool and College 50%
2. Students taking vocational training in Computer, Typing, Tailoring, Private ITI, Technical Institute etc. 25%
3. Freedom Fighters and Widows of Freedom Fighters staying in Kolhapur city limits 100%
4. Deaf and Dumb, Deaf, Mentally retarded students and one accomplice staying Kolhapur Municipal Corporation limits 100%
5. Handicapped, Deaf and dumb, Deaf and mentally retarded people staying in kolhapur Municipal corporation Limits 50%
6. Reporters of newspapers having reasonable sale 100%
Various Concession Pass Schemes of KMC Transport Department are as under
Shri Mahalakshmi Concession Pass Schemes
One Day Pass Only Rs. 20/-
(Facility of any where, any time and unlimited travel in one day. This pass is available with conductor in every bus and stop booking conductor)
Monthly Pass Only Rs. 400/-
(Facility of any where, any time and unlimited travel in one month)
Three Month Pass Only Rs. 1,100/-
(Facility of any where, any time and unlimited travel in three months)
3o day travel in 22 days fare
(Applicable to regular travellers on their requested route) Place for getting Monthly and Three month Passes - Gangavesh, maharana Pratap Chowk, and Shri Shahu Maidan Pass Issuing Centre. On all week days from morning 8.00am to night 8.00 pm. (It is necessary to have KMT identity card for Monthly and three month Pass)
During Sharadiya Navaratrotsava in Kolhapur city and for group booking
Shri Durga Darshan and Kolhapur Darshan tour by special bus will be provided if minimum 40 tourists are available. The Durgadarshan Bus service ticket is Rs. 75 per person and half ticket charges are Rs. 40/-
Kolhapur Darshan Bus Service Ticket Rs. 50 per person
First award winner for consistently four years in prizes declared for excellent work in various fields by ASRTU, an apex tourism organisation under Central Geographical Department
Service with Affinity - Understanding Responsibility
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