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Hawkers and Non Hawkers Zone Ward offices List 1 To 4
| Fire Brigade Department » 24 Hour ready six fire stations |
Fire fighting department of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation is handling high responsibility of fire protection in the Kolhapur city area, nearby towns and two industrial estates near Kolhapur for 24 hours of the day. There are six fire- fighting stations at various places in Kolhapur city are ready for 24 hours.
1) Tararani fire station No. 1 - Tararani square, ward E.Phone - 101-2656221. It is the main control room of fire fighting department and all fire stations in the city are connected to this center by telephone hotline. Hence when any message comes from any where in the city, fire fighter by nearby place starts within 30 seconds to the destination.

2) Late Shri. Bhagawan Sakharam Jadhav fire station No. 2, Corporation Main Office, C ward, Kolhapur Phone - 2530296.

3) Late Shri. Dattatray Krishna Khamkar fire station No. 3, Bavada Ward E.

4) Late Shri. Ashok Vasant Mane fire station No. 4, Timber market area, A ward, Kolhapur.

5) Phulewadi fire station No. 5, Phulewadi, ward A.

6) Pratibhanagar fire station No. 6, Pratibhanagar, Rajarampuri, Ward E.
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