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Hawkers and Non Hawkers Zone Ward offices List 1 To 4
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S.No Particulars Total No
1. Markets 48
2. Open spaces 1339
3. Mutton & fish shops 169
4. Cabins 273
5. Buildings 42
6. Worker barracks 27
7. Gymnasium hall 13
8. Swimming pool 3
9. Vegetable market 10
10. Public parking places 13
11. Cross 25
There total 48 markets and total 1907 shops of different sizes. After construction of corporation market tenders are invited for shops by public declaration and they are allotted for different businesses on rental loans. Hence every citizen gets opportunity to acquire shop. Corporation market shops are transferred - on demand. Transferred fee is charged for this. Considering the location and status of market, they are divided in three main zones.
Zone No.1 Central Commercial Zone
Kapilteerth Market, Shivaji Market, Rajarshi Shahu Cloth Market, Mahatma Gandhi Market, Laxmipuri grain's Market, Laxmipuri
Zone No.2 Internal Commercial Zone
Shahupuri, Rajarampuri and other markets in Gaon Bhag area.
Zone No.3 Markets in adjoining Town
Pratibha Nagar, Ruikar Colony, Kasaba Bavada are included in this zone.

The transfer rates in these shops are as follows. Zone No. 1 - Rs. 45,500/- per 100 Sq. Ft or less than 100 Sq. Ft. Zone No. 2 - Rs. 32,500/- per 100 Sq. Ft or less than 100 Sq. Ft. Zone No. 3 - Rs. 26,000/- per 100 Sq. Ft or less than 100 Sq. Ft.
In addition mutton shops and cabins are given on rent. These cabins are given for small business owners on rent.
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