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| e - Governance |
E-governance at Kolhapur Municipal Corporation is aimed to provide on-line citizen services, information to all hierarchies and monitor performance of the Corporation. It is in practice that citizens are approaching the Corporation to pay taxes, get certificates, approvals etc.,

Adopting e-governance, the above activities are simplified and made possible at their nearest Citizen Facilitation counters. By e-governance, the services of the Corporation can be made Easy, Transparent, Accountable and Quick. The Citizens may be informed about their dues and revenue generation will be faster and easier.

With the developments in Communication and Information & Technology, the Data center of the Corporation will be connected with Citizen Facilitation Counters by Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN) and Dynamic Website.

Any Citizen can use the Dynamic website from anywhere in the World, to get the citizen services from Kolhapur Municipal Corporation. Similarly, Administrator can monitor the performance of the KMC for decision making at their Desktop.

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